Something Died Today

Requiem for a homeland

( Photo Credit: Amit Shah)

This has been published in a democratic forum that appeals to my sensibilities, especially that we’re not “perfect” and that “imperfections” are not defects.

The wabisabisociety describes itself as:

“We are online community where you can share your imperfectly beautiful stories and ideas. Just like the meaning of our community, we do not believe in perfection. Every thing is imperfect and impermanent and we appreciate and cherish them here.

You can send your creative work at: and we will publish it here and also in our Instagram page. 

We share our creative work and life experiences here, lifting each other and growing together is what we stand for. We all are proud “imperfections” here.

we are currently 30K family on Instagram and ever growing. Come join us on: @wabi.sabi.society”